Language Learning

Eight Ways to Support Your Children in Language Immersion

There are many ways to support your child in language immersion, even if you do not speak the language they are learning. Download this poster for eight things you can do at home to encourage language learning, curiosity and cultural awareness.

1. Read with and to them

When you regularly read to your children, you instill a love for reading and model how to read with fluency and expression.

2. Encourage curiosity

Ask your children open-ended questions about what they are learning in school. Motivate them to question the world around them.

3. Applaud effort

Emphasize the value of acquiring another language, and recognize their progress and accomplishments.

4. Develop study skills

Ask the teacher how much homework to expect and regularly set aside time to work on it. Remember that homework is the student’s responsibility and encourage them to be accountable by following up with them later.

5. Become involved

Become involved in your child’s school experience by volunteering in the immersion classroom or helping with materials, activities or field trips.

6. Create cultural experiences

Extend cultural experiences beyond the classroom. Take your child to an international event such as a cultural festival.

7. Use technology

Use apps, movies, TV or the internet to increase the amount of time your child spends engaging in the immersion language.

8. Communicate with teachers

Keep the lines of communication open. When talking to your child’s teacher, be honest about your concerns and receptive to their advice.

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