Global leaders program

In our constantly changing, interconnected world, schools must prepare students for their roles as global leaders.

The global leaders program is designed so that all students can discover and participate in our world. By supporting our partners in infusing global learning opportunities across grade levels, subjects, and school-wide activities, students will develop the skills needed to lead and thrive in the world community and global marketplace.

As a visionary district leader, a progressive school administrator, an involved parent, or a concerned citizen – no matter your role, we all want a high quality, equitable education experience for all students in our communities.

By opening young minds to our world, we can ensure we are all together for a deeply interconnected tomorrow.

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Participate Learning supports school communities by providing effective professional development that has proven to be engaging and relevant for students and educators. Specifically, we focus on eight key instructional practices:

  • Build relevance
  • Promote student agency
  • Connect to networks beyond the classroom
  • Support collaboration
  • Cultivate empathy
  • Guide reflection
  • Assess and give feedback

Professional development

Our global leaders program provides a comprehensive array of professional development and resources. This includes instructional leadership and assessment to:

  • Engage teachers and students in active learning experiences that will impact local and global communities
  • Improve student and teacher engagement, teacher retention, teacher practice, and student outcomes
  • Promote equitable educational options that value diversity and inclusion
  • Enable school and teacher leaders to open the world for their students with ongoing support via coaching, tools, and resources


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Global leaders program solutions

The program provides all the services and resources necessary to prepare your young leaders, including:

  • Strategic planning and goal setting
  • Leadership coaching and capacity-building
  • Program monitoring and evaluation
  • Full suite of aligned professional development, curricula, and resources
  • Online community of practice
  • School marketing and branding support

75 percent exceeded academic growth

75% of students with teachers using Participate Learning professional development (PD) met or exceeded academic growth goals.

73 percent of students are more culturally aware

73% of teachers report that students are more sensitive to different cultures within and beyond their school.

93 percent students develop critical thinking skills

93% of teachers implement lessons and activities that incorporate real-world challenges and develop students’ critical thinking skills.

What defines our global leaders program?

Every school community is different and each of our global leaders program partners has a unique set of strengths and challenges. We partner with schools to provide opportunities for students to cultivate global competencies that enable them to lead and thrive in the their future careers.

While the application may look different from one partner school to another, global leaders programs align global initiatives with other strategic priorities so that global education directly enhances ongoing strategic efforts. This alignment is demonstrated through the following elements:

  • An intentionally global school culture
  • Experiential professional learning
  • Globally integrated curriculum
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Student-centered instruction
  • Connections to larger learning communities

illustrations of global citizen girl and poster download

Global citizenship

Inspiring students to approach their learning by becoming global citizens creates a long-lasting impact on the way they approach learning.

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